We Spartans are descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life.
Spartans…the finest soldiers the world has ever known


Un classique..

Discussing with a captured British officer : “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honour.” “A man fights for what he lacks the most!” said Surcouf

officier britannique capturé dit au cours d’une discussion avec Surcouf ceci:  ” Vous les Francais vous vous battez pour l’argent , tandis que nous britanniques nous nous battons pour l’honneur ”

Surcouf lui répondit : ” Un homme se bat pour ce qu’il lui manque le plus ”


Quelques anecdotes et faits d’armes historiques : Dieu qu’ils ont fait honneur à notre nation , merci a CajunThroat pour ses vidéos

Hated by the english, loved by the women, feared by all…
Here come the CORSAIRS !!!

The Corsairs were privateers working for the King of France, attacking the ships of France’s enemies. In the Caribbean sea, the corsairs worked for the french governors and were called “Flibustiers”.

Some anecdotes :

– The Saint Michael’s Mount resisted to the English during all the Hundred Years War, defended and supplied by Corsairs.
After the final french victory, the kings of France changed their Patron Saint Denis for Saint Michael.

– Jean Marant (Marant means “funny” in French) was a corsair known for his extrem cruelty. During the siege of Calais in 1346-1347, he heroically supplied the city two times by the sea, slaloming between english war-sheeps and watchtowers.

Pour les amoureux de la langue française , à écouter

“There have been 53 major wars in Europe

France had been a belligerent in 49 of them; UK 43.

In 185 battles that France had fought over the past 800 years, their armies had won 132 times, lost 43 times and drawn only 10.

Giving the French military the best record of any country in Europe”.

BBC History

Il y a eu 53 guerres majeures en Europe

La france en a été une belligérente dans 49 d’entre elles . Le royaume-uni 43 .

Sur  les 185 batailles qu’a livrée la France sur les 800 dernières années , ses armées en ont gagnés 132 , perdues 43 et 10 se sont  finis sur un “match nul”

Donnant ainsi à la France et à ses armées le record/ratio de victoire le plus important de tous les pays Européens .

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